Our Projects

Our projects available for contribution by registered mentees.

#Secret peek

Tech Stack : Docker javascript Html css python

Anonymity is taken Seriously. It is a web page to confess your secrets. Speak out the things you never could.

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Tech Stack : Flutter Firebase Dart Kotlin

The focus group of this application are the people who enjoy fitness and dance from the safety of their homes.

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Tech Stack : javascript Html CSS github

The storebook app built using JS,Html, Css where we store can keep some important book details.

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Tech Stack : Kotlin Android Google Api Open Cv

An android application developed in Kotlin and OpenCV with features like voice control, face follower, ocr detection etc.

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Tech Stack : css nodejs html

A platform where various girl related opportunities would be listed with their deadlines and details and a interface for girls to ask their queries related to technology.

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Tech Stack : React js CSS nodejs

Youtube Video Downloader is an online web application to convert and download youtube videos in mp4 and mp3 format

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#Port Scanner

Tech Stack : python CSS nodejs express scss

A go-to tool for scanning network. Scan all the open ports for a given host with just one click and what not!

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Tech Stack : React nodejs express mongodb redis

An open source Online Multiplayer Game of Chess using React, Node js, Mongo DB, css etc.

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Tech Stack : python c ++ OpenCV Face-Recognition

An open source Face-Recognition system using different algorithms and frameworks.

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Tech Stack : Mongoose nodejs express mongodb

BlogSite is a dynamic blogging website. Build using NodeJs, It render server side using Express JS, Mongoose and Mongo DB

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Tech Stack : Java sqlite firebase android

SHE is a Women safety android application, that can be accessed easily by pressing a button and it sends an alert message along to the registered contacts

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Tech Stack : c++ algorithms data structures

The project has been designed for the convenience of students to keep track of their learning rate of each student and hence personalise their experiences

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Tech Stack : nlp nodejs Mongoose

With Friend.ly, we propose a novel FRS which leverages text-mining, personality trait extraction, sentiment analysis and hybrid filtering and show it to be having a better performance than most collaborative filtering based FRSs.

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Tech Stack : python cockroach db django html

EchoForMe is a Web Application that reads out the latest news to the user. It is designed especially for visually impaired people to help them by reading out the daily news to them.

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Tech Stack : React js Mongodb nodejs express js

An open-source team collaboration platform. it allows user to communicate securely in Realtime, Share File, Location and code snippets.

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Tech Stack : python docker cli cpp14

A CLI based tool to help users create C++ files easily for any contests

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#crowd chatting

Tech Stack : Java Firebase

It's a chatting application using Firebase and real-time data base. multiple users can chat with each other in real time.

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Tech Stack : Java python javascript c

A Project which consists of all amazing python , Javascript, Nodejs scripts.

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Tech Stack : flutter git ruby

An open source AI based document scanner app and beyond that with some cool amazing features added to it !.

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Tech Stack : python OpenCV

Randomly Exploring Computer Vision techniques to create eye catching art out of plain boring images.

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Tech Stack : python pytorch deep learning jupyter notebook

Generative adversarial network (GAN) for missing data imputation.

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Tech Stack : django python javascript html

A File/Resource Sharing Platform for Students&Faculties to upload&share files which will be accessible to all members.

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Tech Stack : python github Graphql

we sometime need to fetch datas from our GitHub right. so GitKundli is a webapp that makes open source projects on GitHub much simpler with GraphQL.

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Tech Stack : javascript html css

With this JWoc Archive, I just attempt to collect and showcase memories of the event, and do nothing else.

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